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The deadline for abstract submission is: Thursday, June 22, 2017
The deadline for abstract evaluation results is: Tuesday, August 08, 2017


Rules for abstract submission

1) Please register for the event through the website. Fees do not have to be paid at the time of registration; payments can be made after acceptance of your abstract has been confirmed.

: All abstracts must be submitted through the official Congress website.

2) Log in to the restricted area with the username and password that you have selected during registration.
3) Click on “Restricted - My Abstracts” on the left side of the page.
4) Follow the instructions on the screen to access the abstract submission form. Fill in all fields of the online form. 5) The submission of an abstract implies acceptance of the rules of submission, review, selection and assignment to specific presentation format, awards and commitment of presentation. Please indicate your agreement by ticking the respective box. By accepting the rules, you will not be able to present future contestations.
6) After submitting your abstracts, click on "Log out".
7) After submitting the abstract, the submitter will receive an email confirming the information provided. Please check if all information is correct. If there is any mistake, log in to the restricted area again and make the necessary changes. Changes are only possible until submission deadline.
8) The author must complete all fields in the online form. All communications related to the scientific work will be sent only to this author through the registered e-mail.
9) If you do not receive the automatic confirmation email of the submission on the same day, the abstract has not been submitted correctly. In this case, please send an email to ( reporting your problem.
10) To access the event website again, just use your username and password. In case you do not remember your login data, use the “forgot your password?” option at the top of the page.



» Echocardiography of acquired heart diseases
» Echocardiography of congenital heart diseases
» Vascular Ultrasound
» Cardiovascular imaging


Important Information

• Abstracts can be submitted only in English.
• The deadline for abstract submission is: Thursday, June 22, 2017
• The official language of the Congress is English.
• There is no limit of abstracts per author. Nonetheless, one author is only allowed to present up to two abstracts.
• There is no limit of institutions, one main author and fourteen other co-authors will be allowed per abstract (total of 15 authors). Please list the authors in the desired order.
• The results of will be published in the author's restricted area in the "My Abstracts" menu on Tuesday, August 08, 2017.
• After receiving confirmation of acceptance, the submitting person of the abstract should confirm payment of registration fees until 18/09/2017. The presentation must be made by the one indicated when submitting the work. If it is not possible, another author of the work should make the presentation, as long as he is enrolled in the event and has paid the registration fee.
• Registration fees are listed in the “Registration” menu of the congress website and are independent of the approval date of the abstract. In order to guarantee any discount, payment of the fees needs to be made within the deadlines.

Affirmation of Originality and Copyrights transfer statement

• The submitter certifies that he/she has permission from all persons enters as co-authors to be listed in this abstract and that they are aware that their names will appear in all publications.
• By submitting your paper to the event (DIC, EACVI and ASE), you consent to have authors’ names, affiliation and biographical material used in connection with the publication.
• Author(s) represents and warrants that he/she/they is/are sole author(s) of the work, that all authors have participated in and agree with the content and conclusions of the work, and that the work is original and does not infringe upon any copyright, proprietary, or personal right of any third party.
• The submitter hereby affirms that the work submitted is original, except for extracts from copyrighted works fully authorized by the copyright holders, and that all statements declared as facts are based on thorough examination and investigation for accurateness.
• Submitted abstracts should not have been published in any other journals and/or online publications nor presented at any previous international congress. However, former presentation at national meetings and/or non cardiovascular specialists meetings does not disqualify.
• The content belongs to the author(s). However, if the abstract is accepted the submitter agrees, on behalf of all co-authors, to transfer and assign the rights to edit, publish, reproduce, distribute copies and prepare derivative works such as press releases. Author(s) retain the right, after presentation at the Congress, to subsequently include the work in articles, books, or derivative works that he/she authors or edits, provided said use does not imply the endorsement of the organiser The submitter signs for all coauthors. He/she accepts responsibility for the present rules for submission and presentation on behalf of all co-authors.

Please note: all materials produced on basis of the abstracts (such as publications in scientific journals) will be faithful reproduction of the information submitted by the author. Therefore, it is not possible to change title, summary or authors after submission deadline. We emphasize that all provided information is of entire responsibility of the submitting author.



Instructions for Abstract preparation

• The title of the paper should be in a concise and descriptive manner, with a maximum of 200 characters. The first letter of each word in the title must be uppercase.
• The abstract should not have more than 3000 characters including spaces; Copy and paste from Word is possible. Nonetheless, configuration errors are possible. Please check thoroughly before submitting your texts.
• The name of the Institutions where the work was developed must be written in full. The first letter of each word must be uppercase. There should be no abbreviations.
• The abstracts must obey the following rules of typing and formatting:

  • Original paper: Introduction, Objectives, Methodology, Results and Conclusions.
  • Case Reports: Introduction, Case Description, and Comments.

• Considering that case reports make an important contribution to the exchange experience between professionals, Scientific Committee recommends that only send reports of common cases with atypical evolution or rare cases of major relevance.
• Bibliographic references should not be included.
• The Institution or Institutions where the research was done, as well as the names of the authors, should NOT be mentioned in the body of the text.
• The abstract contents should be associated with the topic selected.
• Graphs and tables will be accepted. Please submit in PDF format.
• Results using statements such as “results will be presented” or “data will be analyzed” will not be accepted.
• Trade names are not allowed, only generic drug names, written in lowercase letters.


Abstract Review

Abstracts will be reviewed by four peer-reviewers. The reviewer will give individual notes fom 0-10 on the following criteria. Grades will not be published after the evaluation:

  • Scientific / clinical interest;
  • Originality;
  • Methodology employed;
  • Consistency in the description of results, objectives and conclusions;
  • Presentation of data;
  • Writing and correct use of language.

Instructions for Approved Abstracts and Publications

• The abstracts will be published in the Revista Arquivos Brasileiros de Imagem Cardiovascular and in the other electronic media of the DIC, exactly the way they were submitted. The publication is a form of proof for curricular purposes.
• After the evaluation, information about day and time of the presentation will be available in the restricted area of the submitting author and previously stipulated in the scientific program of the congress.


The presentation should be made, in 05 minutes followed by a short moment to answer possible questions, in day and time previously stipulated in the scientific program of the congress.

Banner printing is not required - the papers will be displayed in digital totems throughout all the congress.

  • The panel number will be available in your restricted area in the "Presentation" field. This number is very important since, from it, you will know in which TV the poster will be displayed.

  • There is no requirement as to the number of characters, color or font. Figures and graphics can be included.

  • The title should be the same as the abstract submitted. Use capital letters. Centralize at the top the title, the names and qualifications of the authors and institution where the paper was done;

  • Use easy-to-read font (type Arial, Times New Roman or similar);

  • Use a background of neutral color to make the text display clear;

  • It is not advisable to use a source with a body smaller than 20;

Guidelines to send the E-Poster


Make a Powerpoint presentation with just a single slide.

1 - Page configuration: design - set page - slide sized for presentation - custom screen with 27.5 cm width X 48.9 cm height - portrait orientation - Ensure fit.

2 - To save: File - save as - other formats - "JPG format".

3 - There is no requirement as to the number of characters, colors or fonts, figures and graphics may be included.

4 - The file must be created in Microsoft Power Point (Windows system).

5 - The abstract must have only one slide that must be in portrait format, and the file must contain a maximum of 2MB.

6 - The author must inform a contact e-mail at the footer of the e-poster.

7 - It will be possible to add a video link to the poster that will be presented, as follows:

Access YouTube:

Create an account. If you already have one, go to the next step.

Click the "Upload" button at the top of the page. It is near the search bar next to the "Browse" button.

Choose a video file. Click "Browse" to browse for the file on your computer. YouTube supports the following video formats:

  • AVI (Audio Video Interleaved)

  • 3GP (Mobile Phones)

  • MOV (Mac)

  • MP4 (iPod/PSP)

  • MPEG or MPG (Motion Picture Experts Group)

  • FLV (Adobe Flash)

  • SWF (Shockwave Flash)

  • M4V (h.264)

  • WMV (Windows Media Video)

  • WEBM (HTML5)

Attention: You can upload 30-second videos. Click "Upload Video."

Enter the details. Required information includes the title of the video, the description of the video, the category the video belongs to, and tags.

Choose your Privacy Settings. Select the "unlisted" option (Unlisted videos do not appear in YouTube search results, but can be viewed by those who have the link, so do not disclose the link to anyone.)

In Advanced Settings, you can enable or disable comments and responses to videos.

Click the Save button. Any information you entered will be saved when your video finishes loading. When the bar fills in fully, you will have finished uploading your video to YouTube.

How to send the file through the website congress:

To send the E-Poster go to the "My abstracts" menu, in your restricted area, and click below the title of the work in the link: [insert presentation].

After the submission, the link "[change presentation]" will appear. It is possible, if necessary, to reissue until the deadline below.

Deadline to send the E-Poster: until 23:59 on september 25, 2017.

  • Delivery in a timely manner and in an appropriate format is the responsibility of the author who submitted the abtsract previously by the site. The Congress organization is not responsible for paper delivered after the deadline or with formatting problems.

  • For more information, contact CCM CONGRESSES. From Monday until Friday, from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm (51-3086-9109) or by email


Conflict of interest
• It is mandatory to display the conflict of interests related to the abstract at the bottom of the poster slide, indicating disclosure information for all coauthors. Please state "None" if no conflicts exist.
• This will allow the audience to take potential conflicts of interest into account when assessing the objectivity of the presentation.
• A potential conflict of interest may arise from various relationships, past or present, such as employment, consultancy, investments and stock ownership, funding for research, family relationship, etc.
• This pertains to relationships with pharmaceutical companies, biomedical device manufacturers, or other corporations whose products or services are related to the subject matter of the article.
• Such relationships include, but are not limited to, employment by an industrial concern, ownership of stock, membership on a standing advisory council or committee, being on the board of directors, or being publicly associated with the company or its products.
• Other areas of real or perceived conflict of interest could include receiving honoraria or consulting fees or receiving grants or funds from such corporations or individuals representing such corporations.




To be defined.



After the end of Congress, the certificates of approved abstracts will be available to the submitting author. To print or download, you must access the "Certificates" area, located on the congress homepage, enter the registered e-mail and fill in the "Satisfaction Survey".

Important: the certificates will not be sent directly by email.

• Only one certificate will be issued per abstract. They will be printed following the registered
order of authors.
• At least one of the authors must be registered and attend the congress to receive the
certificate later.

Event Venue

Windsor Oceânico

Martinho de Mesquita St., 129 - Barra da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro - RJ - Brazil, Zip Code: 22620-220